Vault EF sticks

Gymnerd question alert!

Denommee won vault silver at the CW with two sticks (Y1.5, piked barani). Who was the last elite to stick both vaults in an EF? I’m really struggling to think of anyone. I expect I’m missing an obvious answer but I’ll blame it on my knackering CWG schedule and lack of sleep.

good question…I don’t think it’s happened in MANY years(at the moment, I can’t think of any double stick vaults but it’s late). I can think of many 1 stuck vaults but not both

ETA: I just remembered Chuso’s 92 EF VTs where she got bronze but I had to go back 30 years!!!


Are we counting men? Cause Deferr in Sidney if memory serves me well stuck both


I was going to say Boguinskaya 1988 Seoul EF, but after rewatching her first vault (tucked FTY), one foot minorly slid back.

Chuso was robbed!

She got the full whack of the how dare you not do an FTY penalty.

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