Values for Top Routines

When you have the values for a routine by a top contender figured out post the routine and values here.

Yurchenko Loop this is what you thought for Simone’s probable bars routine?

based on the the tail-end of the 1/1 pirouette + P Tkachev + Pak we see on her Tiktok, plus the 6.0 D score from camp, this is the only routine I can think of. MDJDS is also doing a Chow + giant 1/1, so it seems this could be a new WCC fave?

What was her d score at the camp?


I just found the scores from Camp this month (July 2023)

The giant full out of the shap is the obvious way to get out of it now she can’t do two tkatchevs. but I worry she will end up going over on it

She could do another tkatchev if it’s the easiest way out of it, it just won’t receive any credit or bonus. I actually think that a clear hip full would be easier for her and more controllable


Zoe Miller bars at Classic 6.4

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