Utah Rumors

Sage’s mother has confirmed that she is not leaving due to scholarship issues. She was on scholarship due to her father being a disabled vet

Utah currently has 13, but Winger is graduating high school early, so I wonder if she will go in early without scholarship.

That was Jillian Hoffman’s mother, not Sage Thompson’s. I’m guessing Hoffman is looking to go to grad school somewhere else.

I am starting to wonder if some of these gymnasts looking to transfer are going to find scholarships. The fifth years coming back are going to make it harder to find a spot.

Sorry! Yes it was Hoffman

All sports.

Assuming Sage is scholarship-less or transferring, that scholarship will be Winger’s.

I can imagine that Utah would be a bit of a cultural head trip for a Brit.

Salt Lake City isn’t bad. A bit bland, but its not uberconservative the way the rest of the state often is. The first time I visited my brother there he joked “this town is full of heathens, look at all the coffee shops!”

Some absolutely beautiful landscapes in the state, but after a week of navigating insane alcohol laws and nothing being open on Sundays I’m ready to run back screaming to the east coast.

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It is even for a person from two states away.


I’d love to visit just for that reason.


You’ve got to go to Arches.

Yet Amelie Morgan seems to be living her best life as a Ute


Didn’t she choose Utah over Cal?