Utah Rumors

What the heck is going on at Utah? There have been reports in SM that Tom threw a grip brush at Lucy Stanhope. There was the Crystal Isa statement (now gone) that people transferring had work ethic issues.

Feels like the talk of culture change might have been a bit premature.

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College gymnastics fans are HERE! spreading rumours and drama once again lol

Certainly makes for some entertainment.

Mrs Dula is basically a Mormon version of Mrs Goborne

Why would a head coach be throwing a grip brush at one of his gymnasts? Sounds like this needs to be investigated by higher ups at Utah.

This is conflicting to the other rumors, that it was Sage Thompson that this happened to and not Lucy Stanhope.

Something is not adding up.

Where did you see that it was Sage? I’ve seen it mentioned a lot, but only with Lucy. I’ve heard the rumours that Sage had her scholarship pulled for a 5th year, but that’s it.

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@blake said it was Sage that got the brush thrown at her, maybe Blake was mistaken?

I can see Sage being pissed her scholarship was pulled for a 5th year, but Rucker, Paulson, and O’Keefe all contribute more than Thompson. Thompson was really only doing bars and did a few FTY when the team needed her to do so.

Farden isn’t obligated to fulfill the scholarship as they are up for renewal every end of season. Would be shitty but makes sense in terms of going for a national title, which they have been close for the last 3 seasons.

Why would they even be talking about pulling Sage’s scholarship for her 5th year when she just finished her Sophomore season?

Sage is not eligible for a COVID 5th year, the issue seems to be that Sage’s junior year scholarship is being pulled to give to a graduate student taking their 5th year. IE- O’Keefe, Rucker, Paulson.
If all 3 of those gymnasts get a scholarship from Utah, 3 scholarships have to be pulled to give to the three of them due to scholarship cap of 13 athletes.

Thompson is likely one and I wouldn’t be surprised if Stanhope’s was another pulled.

Got it, that makes sense

I thought Pac10 institutions, like the other Power 5s, guaranteed scholarships for 4 consecutive years, if you had a scholarship your freshman year.

That is a myth. I personally know several B10, SEC and Pac12 programs that have been offering partial scholarships to freshman. Nothing is guaranteed.

Nope, they never have. Guaranteeing 4 years essentially means an athlete can slack off if he or she pleases.

Miss Val was famous for removing scholarships by removing the gymnasts from the team in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Durante also removed athletes from Georgia’s roster.

Removing athletes immediately removes the athletic scholarship for the following year.

The other option to freeing up athletic scholarships is to medically retire an athlete, who can continue a full ride at the university still (university pays out their scholarship), but they won’t count as part of the 13 athletic scholarships.

An example of this was Peyton Ernst being medically retired by Florida, but she didn’t agree and transferred to Alabama. Of course she did Alabama for a season and medically retired. But yeah, Florida needed to free up a scholarship for a gymnast taking a 5th year (red shirt one season) so they medically retired Peyton against her wishes.

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I do wonder if Sage Thompson ends up in the transfer portal if she will head to BYU, as her two brothers run track there. They are triplets.

Late 90s/early 00s was long before the 4 year guarantee became a thing. That’s ancient history. I’m well aware of Val’s love of medically retiring athletes.

Power 5s (including Pac10, I confirmed) do indeed have 4 year guaranteed scholarships if you signed a National Letter of Intent. Scholarships cannot be pulled for athletic performance reasons. It can be pulled for other reasons, and none of us are naive enough to believe coaches won’t try and find every loophole possible.

Notably, if someone walks on as a freshman and earns a scholarship for their sophomore year, that is not guaranteed.

And of course, this is only Power 5 schools. Other schools can do 4 years, but they are by no means obligated and very rarely do so.

Is this for all sports or just football?

I was under the impression that it was specific to football.

The rumor seems to be that Thompson was on an academic scholarship her freshman year and was promised a year to year scholarship for her last three years. That’s how Farden is getting away with pulling her scholarship for next year.

I don’t know how he could get away with pulling Stanhope’s scholarship because I thought they were guaranteed in the PAC-12. We don’t know for sure why she’s leaving though. It might have nothing to do with her scholarship. She might just want out of Utah.

It’s funny, I’ve always thought of Utah as one of the low drama schools, but they have stepped it up this year.

If they were able to pull a scholarship, I expect they’d pull Sabado’s before Stanhope’s. If they weren’t able to pull a scholarship, it ended up working out well for them with Lucy transferring, because that’s what it takes for the 12 max by my count: O’Keefe, Rucker, Paulson, Sabado, Gilstrap, Eaker, McCallum, Morgan, Smith, Gantner, Winger, Zirbes

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