Utah Coach Tom Farden Under Review

Not only that, but having tantrums and throwing things is somehow indicative of being a great coach. “Passionate.” “Intense.” “Driven.” “Committed to winning.”


For real. Admittedly, my first thought when I heard about the brush was to wonder whether he threw it at someone, or just threw it. Because those are different, right?

And then I thought about how I’d feel if someone threw something at my workplace, whether towards another person or not. Oh.


The number of people defending him throwing the brush is insane.
Of course the argument is that this generation of college students are too “woke”, “coddled”, “spoiled”, and “lazy”.

“If you don’t want the coach to be mad, work harder!”

Like…who would ever want to be in an environment where intimidation is used. I guarantee everyone saying this would have a fit if they had a co-worker or higher up act like Tom.

The comparison to football is also strange.


Farden throwing a stopwatch because someone wasn’t climbing the rope fast enough is the one that gets me. Get a grip, man. Also, look into anger management.

At this point it seems clear that Utah ordered the report to appease the gymnasts and parents that were complaining and then just decided to ignore what was in it.

Coach “Boom”

Coach Izzo

Why is the comparison to football strange? Or for that matter other high level college sports? Several narratives from media and others regarding college gymnastics is they want to be treated in the same esteem as these sports. I agree though, its preferred that coaches and figures of authority around students athletes should show more composure, but WE (as a society) seem to be willing to accept that as normal when it comes to high level sports. When guys like Izzo, and Mushcamp and Knight (when he was around) are seriously sanctioned with this behavior then we can tusk tusk this behavior. Otherwise it seems a bit hipocritical to act like this is so out of line.

It’s out of line.

No one should be doing this in any workplace.


I don’t think the people saying it’s unacceptable in a gymnastics coachal are the ones saying it’s acceptable in other sports. I find the acceptance of these attitudes and practices to be a major turn off from other spots


No one here defended people like Bobbie Knight or Woody Hayes (who finally did get fired when he punched someone in public).

That type of behavior is tolerated in some other sports because they are so popular and the people doing this stuff are perceived as being hard to replace.

It’s not necessary to get the job done. In fact, it might make things worse.

Surgeons used to be famous for throwing stuff at people during operations, but I can’t see how this ever made things safer for patients. People can be tough without being abusive jerks.

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It doesn’t seem to be tolerated in as many places these days.

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