USAG Men's Program Committee meeting 1.7.22

Paul Ruggeri has stepped down as athlete rep. He’s a nurse now, and seems to have moved on from the gymnastics community.

Expanded funding for National Team members - more people will get it.

Discussion of allowing individual event winners at NCAA to qualify to US Nationals. I swear this has happened before (it did not happen last year).

AA winner from USAG Collegiate National Championships will qualify if he has a D score of 32 or higher.


These are some positive changes. I love that they are funding more athletes.

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Considering several NCAA programs dropped men’s gymnastics I am glad they are supporting the athletes that they need to compete for national team spots.


Paul Ruggeri also spent the summer tweeting things like this, so if he was quietly told to go away, it wouldn’t surprise me.

You can read a bunch more and our reactions here: Paul Ruggeri out here making a fool of himself


Along with Orozco’s story of Paul outing him in front of teammates while at USOTC, Ruggeri comes off as a horse’s ass.