USA Olympic Trials 2024

The Target Center in Minneapolis.

Weeeeeeeeee! Like a need an excuse to visit Minny, but this is a pretty good one.


Tickets are pretty outrageous!

Even so, they are selling super fast.

Always outrageously prices and always sell quick. There’s something about Trials that people feel like they NEED to be there.

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I guess we need to recalibrate what we can expect to spend. Will a water cost $10….

When you replace Olympics attendance dreams with Trials it seems slightly more reasonable i guess? I’m trying to convince myself.

Not only outrageous prices, but look at the apparatus configuration! Makes no sense. I wouldn’t have an idea where to sit even if I went.

I think I’m gonna go. I’ve never been to Olympic trials and I’ve always want to

I am definitely thinking about going. I usually head to the midwest about that time of year, can combine my vacation with something cool.

(though all sessions is a little misleading isn’t it? Is there more than a single session each day? Oh, duh, brain fart–all sessions meaning all 4 days.)

I got my tickets.

Goddam these are expensive.

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Yeah, those prices…between tickets, flights, hotels, I won’t be going. I’m too old to be calling up old college roommates and asking to crash on their couch for the week.

I saw $175 excluding fees as the lowest price. What are typical prices for all-session tickets? I’ve never been to Olympic Team Trials so I have no frame of reference.

Last Trials I paid over $800 for an all session ticket. Comparable tickets, if i’m reading the map correctly, are the seats that are $1000-1500. Add $200 for fees.

The $175 tickets will be the nosebleed seats. This:

ETA I just double checked and it’s worse. $175 only gets you into the last row of the nosebleed seats.

This is a club link with somewhat discounted tickets compared to ticketmaster. For instance, an $1000 ticket ($1250 with fees) goes to $815 ($1031 with fees). Only certain sections available though.

The link will be active until July 30th.

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Not worth it IMO, especially when you factor in travel and accommodations. Maybe I’ll get to attend Nationals one year if they ever hold it in the northeast again. Or hopefully Gymnix will survive another year. Otherwise it’s TV for me.


Gymnix is happening next year, but if it goes ahead is a different matter

Yeah, that’s more or less what I meant.


Still cheaper than the olympics though!

Low bar!

But Worlds is cheaper! One could attend every single session of worlds with the complete week-long pass for 650 euros.

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