US WAG Olympic trials Night 1 Discussion

Since I know we’ll have so much to discuss, let’s give tonight it’s own topic!

Competition starts at 7:30 eastern
Broadcast starts at 8 pm on NBC.
To watch the first 30 minutes, you can watch on or
And if you really hate NBC’s coverage (and who among us doesn’t), event-specific feeds are here:

Day 1 start list:

Live results:


And if the podium training leos are anything to go by, there is hope that tonight’s leo will be athletic (and very red white and blue) in style. Yay, no hot mess stripper-inspired disasters.


Yay for athletic leos. I’ve posted many times here and elsewhere that I love athletic leos. Gymnastics is a sport and I want it to be treated seriously as such. Glitter and bows undermine that.


So true, when I watched Olympics Trials for swimming and diving, I really appreciated that the young women’s athleticism was at the forefront. I get why women’s gymnastics has veered toward being more glamourous (who wouldn’t want to wear a leo inspired by a prom dress if you can’t go to prom?), but it still irks me.

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MyKayla said on a video that they have been given leos to wear for this competition (from the sponsor). So hopefully there will be fewer leo tragedies.

I posted this in the wrong thread, before I realized this one had been opened:

Happy day Two. May your favorites stay on bars and our hearts not be broken (at least not until Sunday).


Sounds from MyKayla’s video that everyone will wear the same leo tonight?

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The ladies always wear USA team leotards at Olympic Trials.

Excited that there is no longer any pink and purple monstrosities!

Love the retro v neck and color of the blue one. I would love to see this color blue instead of navy.


Yeah, I’m so excited about that. Even if they’re all wearing brand-new national team leotards at Trials this time instead of like at previous Trials where they all wore past national team leotards, most of the national team leotards from 2017-2020 were red, white, and/or blue.


I believe there are two designated leos. One for each day. I’m bummed that we don’t get a variety of the quad’s NT leos like we usually do. I always like seeing them again. There were some really nice ones this quad.

Per Mykayla’s YouTube video, one of the leos looks pretty similar to the blue ombré leo from Rio that Kocian wore in bars finals.

My first choice is almost always sporty, but there have been beautiful, elegant leos that use mesh and rhinestones to great effect that still retain an athletic aesthetic, because this is a sport, after all. But what’s happening lately in leo design is just fucking awful. I look through the various leo manufacturer catalogs and it’s hard to find more than 1 or 2 leos I like.

My favorite elegant leo:

Anyways, excited to see what is worn tonight.


Per this update, Jade is not competing floor tonight.

At this point, why even compete at trials?
Save your body
Your spot is guaranteed


I swear if she gets injured, the gymnternet will NEVER stop talking about it!! I have no idea why she’s there but I sure hope it’s a drama-free comp for her, lol.

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I won’t be live-scoring tonight but I will input my scores prior to Sunday night. I will be live-scoring on Sunday xx


Well, it would be helpful for her to have her good-to-best floor routine judged against the other US girls to make sure she is in a position to qualify to Floor event finals. (i.e. she needs to know if she needs to take out a skill if her deductions make that skill a loss or if she should throw the triple-double in prelims to make sure it gets named after her because she has decent odds of missing floor finals due to the 2-per country. I do not yet consider her a lock for floor finals.)

But she should probably focus on nailing vault to make sure that no one thinks MyKayla Skinner has a better chance of winning a vault medal.


With the way she did that skill at Classics, I just keep thinking:
Unless, she can land it a lot better than that, the likelihood of her injuring herself or further injuring herself on the skill is high, causing a rise in Skinners’ stock for vault alone.
In the air, it was great
The last section and landing were horrific


good point.


I’ll be judging tonight live!

If anyone is inputting USAG scores, please use “J1” for the USAG E Score! Thanks!!


Is Simone doing the double pike?

And did Jade scratch floor because she warmed up the triple double in the back gym and hurt herself?

She was seen with some kind of brace on her calf/knee/leg right before warmups.