US Nationals WAG Day 2

Sorry I’m reading the wrong column!

Morgan came 26th on beam and 23rd on floor.

I just can’t see how she gets to go to Trials.

ETA: Who would have thought. No Morgan at Trials.?!


Thank you so much for doing USAGs scores!

Watching them line up with cowboy hats
Don’t see Morgan
So unless I’m wrong, no Morgan on national team

That really sucks for Morgan. I was hoping to see her in Tokyo.


Check out this poll while you are all here…

I would just take top 12 + McCusker to Trials

But I don’t see Forster having any problem taking more than that. Even if they have no chance at Olympics, it’s giving athletes he may see a future for (21 Worlds or 2022 in general) getting one more competition in after missing an entire year.

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Woah. Didn’t make National Team. That’s an ouchy.

Does that mean … retirement from elite?

This is not the way she wanted to bow out…

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No Morgan
She is sitting on the floor with the others who didn’t make it

I think Wong might add more to the team total if you take the best score on VT/FX?

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That’s pretty harsh on Emily Lee. She lost to Shilese by like 2 tenths. There’s like a point and a half between 13th and 14th. I think Tom is gonna take Top 13 + petitions. Riley. Laurie. Chellsie.

…Morgiiiii :((

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That’s what I’m seeing. Wong adds a couple more tenths than Skinner.

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I think you’re right.

Wong makes sense from the numbers I think. But only by a couple tenths. I’d take Grace instead for more experience, coming back from injury, and a mentally competent coach.


OMG is Skinner literally even in the conversation for the highest scoring team?

That Cheng is clutch for her. Gets her out of a lot of trouble.

Jones was at least 5th on UB and had a 15.0 on VT.

Emily Lee couldn’t break 14 on any event but VT.

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I’m hoping 3 more weeks gets Grace the numbers she needs to kick ass at Trials. Terrible timing to get sixty gazillion screws in your pinky.


My argument is that Emily is closer to the girl ahead of her than the girl below her by score.

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And she has one of the top scoring beam routines in 2021. She might petition anyway, on the basis that she could have a TINY outside shot at the +1.

Sadly, yes. The Cheng is carrying her, because its not like she adds value on any other event. She’s a fall waiting to happen on beam, and god only knows what international judges will do to her routines.

I simply do not trust Al Fong and Wong’s routine construction. That floor in particular. It’s a house of cards. She loses that triple full and her routine is fucked.