US Nationals WAG Day 1

US Women Day 1. Let’s gooooooooooo!

Juniors, 1 pm Central. Watch on Flo, coverage starts at 1:30.

Seniors, 6:30 pm Central. NBCSN.

All senior routines will be posted on USAG’s youtube after the competition.

Live results:

Start Lists:

I will add quick hits links as I find them. I’m guessing Inside Gymnastics, Gymcastic, and Gemternet will all be live tweeting, among others.


So excited. Won’t be able to watch day one, but later tonight I look forward to reading through this thread.

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If anyone not already in the judging spreadsheet wants to judge, DM me ur email.

Will post the link shortly. Just tidying it up.

WCC repping the 1990s ala Karolyi’s.

Nationals NIGHT 1 Judging Scorecard:

PM me if you want to play!

Juniors: still sparse
We are sitting right in front of beam

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Now we just need you to livestream it. I can guarantee your video would be better than Flo’s.


Wish I could
Going to try to record some beams.
Are we able to upload videos from our phones?


You would have to upload to a hosting site like youtube or vimeo, then share the links here.

I will try
I have a YouTube channel

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Thank you for the on-site reporting!

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Junior live blog from Lauren Hopkins:

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Think I just watched the future Simone on floor
Jocelyn Roberson
Power and technique!
5.3 difficulty
It looked better to me than it scored


Morgan Hurd will only do beam and floor at nationals.

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This is hard but uploaded one
Working on the rest

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I like the little bit of choreography she had going into the wolf turn instead of just squatting down.


i spy with my little eye a mini crab walk a la kupets 2004 , between her 2nd and 3rd pass

she is on my radar

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I can’t see day 1 on NBCSN. Only day 2?

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