US Nationals 2022 Senior Women Day 2

Who is excited? If its anything like day 1, this should be a great competition.


I am looking forward to see if the women can keep the high scores on beam. It seems like they did pretty well on beam on night one. I did not expect such high scores on bars but that was a nice surprise.

Good news is Wong is on the start list on all four events today.


Warm ups is almost over. Leeeeeet’s goooooooo!


From across the arena, I can make out that Nastia’s top is a lovel soft butter yellow. Those of you watching on TV will have to provide a more detailed report.

March-in is about to start.

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We are judging!

There is also live chat in the excel sheet (no judging necessary!)

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The Brady Bunch Movie Work GIF

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Anyone else having issues with Flip Now or is it because I’m putting it through 2 VPNs?

Her outfit is more toned-down from Night One. It’s more fitting for the role of a commentator.

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She looks a little little greek goddess custard tart

Im seeing a few pretty leos so far.

Dessert Nom GIF

Quick leo report:

WOGA in red. Ciene Alipio in black, and Roberson in red and black.

TCT and DiCello both in navy blue.

Booth in mint and white, WCC black and pink, Matthews in light grey, Shilese in black. Didn’t see Jade

No one has done floor touch yet…weird.

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Maybe its broken like Worlds

@RedBirdie is Leanne warming up all 4??

Mine is good, despite the stolen log in credentials.

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They’re holding them on floor for some reason.

Leanne is decidedly not doing floor. She’s still in warm ups and everyone else is ready to go.

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It’s working fine for me.


Just a lot of nothing happening.


I’m a little amazed that there are Roethlisbergers in two different sports and they’re not related. Like that is not a common surname.