US Nationals 2022 Junior WAG

For all things juniors. Very excited for the competition this year.

Greetings from Tampa!



Live results:

Following scores this way will give you the d and e score breakdown.


More pictures? And some videos please?

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FlipNow is the only place to watch, correct?

My phone camera is pretty shitty, so limited pics and probably no video.

The Clemson coaching staff is a couple rows in front on me, while Morgan Hurd is behind us. Nothing juicy to share. I’m right in the middle of the floor.

First rotation thoughts: WOGA leo is BRIGHT. Tiana S. had a huge vault, while Dulcy Caylor’s DTY scared the shit out of me. Wolf turns need to die. Alicia Zhou had an absolutely beautiful bar routine.


Great seats, but how empty is that place.

Oh lord, this Lion King cam! We just don’t get these gems on NBC.

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Very empty. An arena staff member said it was even more empty for the men yesterday.

School is back in session in the Tampa area, so kids who might otherwise be here aren’t.

Pacific Reign is wearing a beautiful lavender leo. Meanwhile, the GAGE leo is terribad. When they come to floor I’ll tale a pic.

Bless you for being there. Will you be at seniors later?

Here’s the WOGA junior army

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Yep! And seniors Day 2. Rest of the time I’ll be sitting on the beach.


Tiana S. did a Ricna (I think!) but fell. But, same bar release, which I think is new for her.


Can you tell if Simone Rose from Pacific Reign has scratched the whole meet or just some events?

Is Chris Burdette no longer at Texas Dreams? They had a different coach spotting bars.

I think she has scratched vault and floor. She’s here and in a leo, and was introduced. Same with Gabby Van Freyen.


Rotation 2 thoughts:

Finishing pirouttes in handstand is a serious issue for some.

Dulcy Caylor also fell on bars.

Jayla Hang is amazing. Her DTY was divine.

Artistry is seriously lacking.

Audrey Snyder is looking good .


Looks like Annalisa Milton is not there although I believe I saw her at podium training.

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Yes, only Malia Milton is here.

Rotation 3 observations:

Myli Lew was having a great bar routine, and then it all went wrong. But her toepoint and extension are soviet-esque. I could watch her swing bars all day.

Bars is claiming far more victims than beam.

Ella Kate Parker did not bite her leo, but only did a FTY, and poorly at that. She was very crunched and had some bad pretwisting onto the table.

Alicia Zhou is having a lovely meet.

Audrey Snyder fell on a damn Memmel turn on floor.