US National Men's Day 1

US Men Day 1 starts today.

Junior Men, 1 pm Central. Watch on Flo, coverage starts at 1:30.

Senior Men, 6:30 pm Central. Watch on Olympic Channel, coverage starts at 7 pm. Cable log-in needed. NOTE: was scheduled for NBCSN, now on Olympic Channel.

Live results:

Start Lists:

Well I’m here.
An empty stadium but that’s why I like first day events because I don’t have to stay in my seat. I’m sitting in front of the vault when I should be at the top level seats



Nastia has way too much fake tan on her legs… haha

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That was gorgeous from Yul on floor, great way to open the competition.

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I’m loving Brody Malone. I noticed him a few years ago and he seems to have improved.

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His vault was outstanding… 9.5 E score!

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I just read that Donnel is at Salto now? Totally missed that. He’s at PanAms, right? Where is Kimble?

Kimble retired.

Woah. Since when?!? There are articles about the run up to trials from April of this year.

I have been so out of the loop lately. Between switching from wwgym, Covid chaos, my fiancé traveling like crazy for work, and my 2 year old and 3 year old, I’m clearly behind.


Welcome back!

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About a week ago, he had a wrist injury that got too bad to continue.

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I am like :exploding_head: to that news. So sad. I’m from not too far from him and was rooting for him.

Welcome back!!!

I heard that Sam was watering down a bit for this meet. Is that why he placed so low? Where there errors?

Sam fell off p-bars.

Oh. hope things improve Saturday.

Sam has a bone chip in his elbow per Tim Daggett and it locks up. So he’s behind in his training

I had to read that five times before the words went in the correct order and he had a bone chip in his elbow, and not a hip bone in is elbow.


Honestly, when I first glanced at the results, I just figured Mikulak had one of his usual day 1 meltdowns.

Malone is the first US MAG whose gymnastics truly excites me since 12’ Sam. I imagine he, Yul, and Sam are basically locks for Tokyo. That 4th spot is looking pretty open since everyone else in contention looks fairly interchangeable. Akash in particular looks sloppier than ever.

I can’t with Akash. Sorry.

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