US MAG Nationals Day 2

US Men Day 2. I’ll be out on the river most of Saturday, so posting now.

Junior Men, 1 pm Central. Watch on Flo, coverage starts at 1:30.

Senior Men, 6:30 pm Central. Watch on NBCSN.

Live results:

Start Lists:

Men’s Day 1 Thread: US National Men's Day 1


The top 15-16 junior is better than the top 17-19 junior?

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Sure looking like there are a couple of cranking 15-16 year old juniors coming up…

@arabiandoublefront and @falcon9 Some of the best 17-19 year olds could be competing with the seniors.

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I think I’m going to have to get a Flo subscription so I can see the Jr’s.

They didn’t archive meets when I had a subscription years ago. If they don’t you are better off looking in Youtube. I’d be interested in hearing if the camera work is better than was reported for Classic.

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That’s true.

We’ll see what Brody Malone can do here.

Nice stick on that double pike by Sam!

I don’t see how Akash fits into the team. He’s so sloppy.

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Even with the mistake… I’m liking Brody Malone.

And can someone tell the camera people to hold the camera still?

We get to see so many routines on the men’s side!


I can’t see the specialist spot going to anyone but Nedoroscik or maybe Yoder if they hit PH tonight and at trials. FX/SR/VT are going to be stacked in Tokyo, the other specialists in contention might not even make it out of prelims with a hit.


Yah… I see what you are saying. Pretty much every skill on HB has some sort of form break.

It sucks cause he’s a really nice guy, but his gymnastics is just unwatchable to me.

Back spasms are extremely debilitating to us ordinary people. Poor Yul.


I want Bower on the team. He’s spent the whole quad being a reliable, consistent, clean alternate. I have no idea how or if he mathematically fits, but I want him on the team.


Every time an OU gymnast vaulted