US Classic to have WAG and MAG!

Mid-size nonprofits like USAG love to gouge prices. Take it from me, I gave too much money to The College Entrance Examination Board.

I don’t get it though. I went to Winter Cup this year and the prices were like $30 for senior session and $20 for junior session. Fees were just a few dollars. I wonder why the prices were so drastically different, or if those Winter Cup prices would’ve been much higher today with inflation.

Well, she can . . . . .but I personally find Nastia vaguely annoying and would not mind seeing Laurie replace her. Although it would eliminate our glee in commenting on the fashion of the day. But question – what does Nastia bring to the commentating table that Laurie lacks?

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Laurie has a lot of promise, but as a broadcaster she is very much a novice.

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well, ok, you can say that. But what exactly did Nastia actually do or contribute in her years of commentating that Laurie fell short on?

I didn’t find Laurie very polished or professional. As I said, she has a lot of potential and I was impressed with her technical knowledge but John was very much having to babysit her.

I wonder if the real problem is NBC. When the new code started in 2006 or 2007 we used to get smart commentary about routines and scores but by the time the 2008 Olympics got closer the NBC commentary started showing that inane color code.

My theory is that NBC dictates the way Tim and Nastia cover the meet and they may even be encouraging Nastia to wear her crazy outfits. (The NBC gym coverage has a similar aesthetic and tone to the NBC figure skating coverage which I also dislike.) They seem to tailor every broadcast to the Olympics-only fans.


I think that you just alluded to it.

The crazy outfits?

I mean they are pretty entertaining.

But seriously, I’d be happy to see/hear more of Laurie. Yes, shes a bit green, but shes still a pleasure to lisren to.


Nastia had her “stylist” with her packing on one of her social accounts. I think between her stylist and her own tastes NBC didn’t have to encourage any craziness.

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