US Classic to have WAG and MAG!

Exciting. July 28-31 in the Salt Lake City area.


This is very exciting! gives the men that one more competition!

I’m excited to see MAG at the US Classic. I’m not excited for the broadcast strategy on the other hand:

I’d have to get a cable/satellite subscription to see live broadcasts for senior events instead of using FlipNow. That’s disappointing but not surprising.


At the Huntsman Center usually now it’s at the Maverick Center!? That’s great!

I really thought FlipNow was going to have all those meets.

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NBC will have bought the broadcast rights for x number of years. How successful FlipNow is will determine what happens at the end of those years. But basically, they’ve just taken flo sports “in house” and will show the same meets that would previously have been on Flo.

Where it might become interesting is will they, for example broadcast worlds prelims live