US Classic Senior Session 2

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Is the second session on at 9am Indianapolis time? As in, 14 hours from now? All I want to do is sleep…

Edit - don’t worry, have figured this out for myself, but it was really tricky to get the old brain working on the abstract idea of time. Alarm set. Does anyone know if footage will be archived? (Please say yes…if you say yes, I will send you a Caramello Koala and another Aussie thing of your choosing!).

You’re not the only one struggling with the concept of timezones. I thought session 1 was an hour later than it actually took place, and have missed all the fun.

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I wonder how rough the second session will be. Simone, Chiles, Jade and DiCello are the only ones I expect to hit all four events.

(Skinner might go “4 for 4” but her form will probably be dicey.)

All you need to know is that Chellsie fell on beam, Tom not surprised and her petition to Nationals has already been accepted. Sorry you missed the fun!


Supposedly Carey is only doing UB and BB here, despite training all 4 events in podium.

Let’s see what happens with Chiles, who appears to be putting the Amanar back in, which was shaky at best in podium.

Does Carey have leg issues at the moment? Strange for her to not vault or do floor.

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She’s already qualified to Nationals and did VT at Winter Cup. Who knows? Maybe she will do all around after all.

One thing I noticed in Session one is that the commentators just referred to the 4-person team.

No mention of Jade’s situation or the other plus one. I’m interested to see someone on tv try to explain it without sounding like an idiot. I wonder if that discussion will wait until Trials when the FIG and USAG have figured out the World Cup qualifiers.

I suppose those are the events where she needs least competitive practice. If she does intend to make a run at the AA, it makes a degree of sense to focus on bars and beam.

Session 2 warmups are streaming now on Peacock (with Tim/Nastia/Terry commentating)

Has Simone always had both ankles so heavily taped? Laurent has been working on this tape job for a couple minutes.

That makes me unhappy.

My thoughts exactly
She has never been an athlete who has had to tape much
Maybe it’s precaution to minimize the punishment of her landings

Yes - she said that was the case:

The cut on Morgan’s leo is…unfortunate.


Morgan needs a leo deduction
ETA: didn’t mean to reply to you but to thread

Suni is very careful with that ankle.

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LOL, is that even possible at this point?!

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Simone looks like she is limping :cry:

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Can Mykayla just get a preemptive 6.0 E-score now?