Unusual FX of Connor McCool and Jackson Harrison

I had flashbacks to Tabitha Yim beam.


I was trying to figure out who their hands reminded me of. Totally Shannon Miller salute!

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He doesn’t look like he was the shoulder flexibility to do technically proficient backhandsprings! Given that he only does floor (no BHS to be seen) and vault (fugly Kas entry), I’m going to lean hard into this theory.

Connor’s move shouldn’t be called a roundoff 1/2, he’s doing 1/4 + 1/4 turn, turning his body outward during the roundoff rather than inward like normal. It’s more difficult because a normal roundoff doesn’t have any real turn in the air, the hands are turning on the ground and then the legs flop down while the upper body follows through freely, but what’s he’s doing is still just 1/2 turn total. It’s another Tsuk vs Kas case (1/2 + 1/2 vs 1/4 + 1/4 both creating the same exit direction, because of how spatial mechanics work).

It’s giving very “random Romanian on bb in 98 trying to hide the fact that a wolf jump- chen was really all the content she has on the beam”



That’s what I call it.


I mean, Raducan spent like 20 seconds doing arm choreography before her dismount in 1999. Possibly because of the minimum time back then?

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I love Monica Phelps praising her speed and then having to backtrack. Always makes me giggle.


Thatwas the routine i was basing my comment on, although she did have the mount, the full and the dismount, and that’s actually quite a lot by 99 standards

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The men’s judges are going to kill crooked roundoffs and handsprings. From the draft code:
“Tinsica” style elements not permitted (otherwise, next element not recognized)

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Thank goodness!


I wish they would limit the number of passes that come only from a round off.

Wait, I’m confused that folks are celebrating this?
FIG is banning these funny roundoff/front handspring hybrid things just … because? Feels needlessly conservative + reactionary to me. What is so sanctified about a roundoff just because it’s commonplace, or why would we need to guard against atypical entries into big saltos? Or am I misunderstanding the ‘Tinsica’ move?

I mean, wouldn’t you be in fact cheating the element by pre twisting? Or is this not what’s at stake here? Are they banning round off 1/2? I understand nothing, Jon Snow

I think it’s just the Tinsica spring thing. Roundoff half would look a bit different, I think.

The war on front handsprings in MAG has been unrelenting and this new trend of Tinsica springs is just fueling the fire. We need to cut it off at the roots before front handsprings are fully defeated.

Also I just think the way they’re done for the most part is HIDEOUS(e)

Ok… yeah this is kinda my point, I don’t really understand the urge to act toward preserving the cultural heritage of the front handspring, or whatever. I’m more interested in the resulting salto, and if it helps advance forward tumbling, I see that as a good thing. It’s mostly already been completely abandoned in WAG. And well, if it’s ugly, sure, take the deductions you need to but banning it is just way too authoritarian for my taste.

I like this idea. Make handsprings relevant again.

I used to think tinsica-springs were cool, but I increasingly find them unattractive.

But what I think is even more problematic is crooked roundoffs. I am looking at you Team Japan. I think they should be POUNDED for that.


Pound away, MTC! Just don’t ban. It’s a bad look.