UCLA Team Intro Video

Here is a very cool UCLA team intro video…


I usually think these intros are silly, but this video is so cool!

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That’s what I used to think too… but in the age of social media… gymnastics needs to really push forward into this type of marketing. The more positive media coverage gymnastics can get… the better. Especially with the risk of the of the Olympics getting cancelled.

I really wonder what is UCLA gymnastics , I mean I know it’s a school or a college for gymnast to train and then compete but like how do they go there? Is there something requires you to have? Like for example you complete a specific level or something like that?

It’s the University of California Los Angeles. You must meet their requirements academically and athletically for the team. You basically get required while you are in club gymnastics during your high school years.


I don’t know how to quote people on this system yet, but @falcon9 I think for me the problem is that I have not generally thought these intro videos are good marketing at all. Most of them (there have been previous exceptions) are ridiculous and not good promotion in my opinion, which is why I don’t like them. This one I actually like, though.

Just highlight the text and a little “quote” button will appear. It’s a little different on this system.

I completely agree… they need to be well done… or professionally done.

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Is UCLA unique in working with a professional on their intro videos, or do other schools try to work with professionals and just have it fall short? Deanna Hong’s are the only ones I’ve seen that really worked.

Ooooh - I like that feature, especially when you don’t want to quote the whole post. Nice!

I’ve been a long time closet UCLA fan even though I’m LSU through and through.
I struggle to get decent NCAA coverage in the UK - just the occasional meet appears on my UK cable ESPN channel (even though they cover every single basketball match three times)

I caught up with the meet v Washington at the weekend and thought it was absolutely adorable that Kyla Ross was chief mask handler. I’d love to see her coaching career progress and her end up with a major team one day.

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Is nice the introduction video ,. Dynamic and good

I really wish the intro video would show the names of gymnasts. Some of them I recognise, but others I have no clue. I’ve started to take a little more notice of college gymnastics this past year and develop an appreciation for it, whereas before I was disinterested because the difficulty wasn’t as high. I like that the gymnasts seem to enjoy what they are doing, which you don’t always seem to see with elite level gym.