Triple Back UB dismounts

Does this have a value yet? I’m sure I’ve seen it competed before. What provisional value is usually assigned to it?

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The Magaña is a G. Shantessa Pama has competed the skill. Boginskaya trained it in her junior days. Komova also trained and was over-rotating the skill.

Svetlana Kozlova first competed it in 1988.

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Do we think a G adequately reflects its difficulty (especially that it seems impossible to do without some pretty severe bent knee taps).

I think it could be an H. Kalmykova manages without serve bent knee taps! I wouldn’t deduct hers at all.

Here’s Vika’s. The height is outrageous. She rotates two flips above the high bar

Nice triple…but I want to see it at the end of a routine, would it be the same quality?

No way. Can you imagine trying to do that on a tired tap.

No. And I think if the WTC were actually bothered about encouraging the skill, it would be a H. As things stand, most gymnasts won’t bother.

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Put this in the “Double Double Beam Dismount” bucket of “we don’t want to watch hard dismounts through our fingers so we are going to intentionally undervalue them”.

I actually feel the same way about Triple Full beam dismounts. I rarely enjoy watching them.

Perhaps with the new height developments on UB we’ll see more Magañas and Rays!

Feast your eyes on these triples, Dougy. Nothing beats a stuck triple for me. Give me that over a full-in.


Stuck triple twists on beam are one thing if they’re actually fully rotated. They’re usually still a bit messy, but the inherent acrobatic ability it takes to get all three twists round generally cancels that out for me. Most of them aren’t though. Even in that video above, loads of them are short. I don’t think the same issue applies with salto dismounts, because if you can’t reliably get the rotations in there, you’re going to fall. There isn’t the same potential for cheated double doubles off beam. That’s not the sort of skill a gymnast will be throwing unless she has full mastery of it.


Oh I love triple fulls. It’s probably my favorite BB dismount. Provided I receive a prior written guarantee that I’m not about to watch an ACL tear. Ty


Yes, this is exactly it. You can’t cannonball a double double.


How the hell isn’t Iordache on this video? Hers was a thing of beauty specially when she was young and the legs weren’t all that crossedl.

Cue in mykaykay in her next comeback


Maybe MostepanovaFan wasn’t familiar yet with Iordache when she made the vid in 2009, though yes looking up vid now, Iordache’s triple full in 2009 was excellent

MostepanovaFan’s vids of all the elements and their difficulty values for the 2009 CoP was a great education to me. Also enjoyed the vids of MunchTheSilivasFan, her sis

Li Qi’s triple <333

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