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Omg yesssss it’s the handspring ring front. She should get credit tbh

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She should, but unfortunately I can’t enjoy it properly because merely watching that landing hurts my back.

Isn’t it weird that she competed for a gazillion years after this? (Is she still competing?)

Are you thinking of her Pak? :smile:

Alana Slater had a pretty “sheep shape” cuervo!

Yeah, I was going to say that I would think a ring/donut would be an interesting shape and better than that banana but…after seeing Hypolito…no. Pass. I don’t even think legs together/toes pointed would save it.

That’s it! Thank you!


she is upgrading ncaa athletic sassiness to a new level … i’m living for this vault


I don’t think so, but she did carry on for a very long time. It was maybe 2018 when Valeri told her she wasn’t needed any more? Not long after she had scored competitively at a Brazilian national competition. Maybe we would’ve had another Chusovitina on our hands if he’d taken a different approach! As well as, like, an actual Brazilian team in Tokyo, but that’s by the by.

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ESPN’s weekly sound byte has become Suni and Leanne want to try for 2022 Worlds. Bridget Sloan said Leanne still trains elite.

I’m not sure why they’d want to, given the circumstances (training since 2021, early-quad Worlds in between two NCAA seasons). They’d be a relief for USA along with Skye Blakely, though. I don’t perceive Jong, Chio, and Jung-Ruivivar as individual medal threats or end-quad material at all. I love McClain but she’s had lots going on and one’s never sure where the baseline is for her.

We’ll know more after NCAAs in April. Wong and Lee are automatically qualified to US Championships in mid-August, at least, so they don’t have to rush like Skinner did in 2019.

I don’t get it with Suni, but Leanne makes sense. She’s a massive talent who hasn’t won nearly as much as she should’ve, and there’s a clear path onto the worlds team for her. Unfinished business + opportunity.

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Leanne herself confirmed she is attempting to go to Worlds this year on an interview at one of the SEC meets broadcast.
Suni I am unsure of, but clearly there is some potential there to do so, hence the new vault. If they wanted a 10.0 SV vault there are many ways to get there that Suni could do easily. First would be to do a 1 1/2ty which I am sure she cold do easily given her big full and her previous ability to DTY.

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Perhaps Lee really wants a bars title.

She could go as a bars and beam specialist this year if she wanted to.
USA will again, need some bar workers.

I guess as well there’s still the Simone issue. She might come back, at the very least it can’t be ruled out, and that means up to 50% of the finals spots unavailable. 2022 might be the most space on offee for a long time.

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Biles VT/FX and Suni UB/BB works out well doesn’t it?


I’m at the Auburn meet, was so excited to see sunis front layout in person… And she added a half. It was ok. Big old hop and a 9.925. what can man do???


she did a layout pod?

Yes! It was nice but a sizable landing deduction

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