Training videos

I wish more NCAA gymnasts would post their training videos! Hopefully we will get some videos from colleges and gymnasts soon. Anybody seen anything interesting or exciting?

Check out if you haven’t already. They do a weekly update write up and have a whole list of what gymnasts are training new skills. They link the gymnast’s social media whenever there is a video of it.

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Katelyn Rosen training one of my favorite combos. I wish her Onodi wasn’t so wonky though.


Audrey Davis with a piked jaeger to Pak. It sounds like the goal is to compete it this season.


Ragan training a 1.5! OU is pretty stacked on vault, but it never hurts to have another 10 SV waiting in the wings.

I think most of us expected her to take a medical early on, so it’s quite a testament to the medical staff at OU that she’s entering her 5th year in NCAA and is vaulting again on top of that. Since both Ragan and Hollie Vise returned to vaulting under KJ Kindler, she’s kinda like the anti-KZB.

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Oh wow, I’m so excited that Ragan is training a Y1.5!

Wow I NEVER thought I’d see her vault in college!

She’s vaulted fulls when enough of the regular vault line up was out, not sure if she has since 2021.

Wasn’t Vise at WOGA her whole career? I don’t remember her training with KZB.

Yes but they looked terrible. When their lineups filled with 1.5s I never imagined we’d see Ragan vault again. I also never thought Audrey Davis would upgrade to 1.5. Their vault coaches are over there working miracles.

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Yea, she was at WOGA with Marchenko, however she was reportedly so injured after elite that she couldn’t even do a kip when she got to Norman. I was just pointing out that KJ & co. are like the opposite of KZB when it comes to their gymnasts’ health.

Hollie was injured, but she was also completely ignored once she didn’t make Athens. Marchenko wouldn’t even look at her. She was treated like a leper and had to work out entirely on her own.

So of course she eventually stopped training altogether.

I’ve never heard about that. How awful.

Fairly typical of WOGA back then. The attitude was you’re either training for worlds/Olympics, or you’re taking up space and wasting everyone’s time.

Man, if i had an attitude like that, id be ignoring everyone at practice lol. They’d never put up with my 12 and 14 year old level 3s and 4s. Those are some of my favorite kids to work with!