Top 100 AA scores of the Quint

Simone had the top EIGHT international AA scores of the Quint.

And a lead of 3.5 over Suni Lee.

Just mind blowing dominance. There is simply no athlete on earth with that level of dominance in any sport. Maybe ever.

She also won vault and floor with an almost 5 tenth, and over 7 tenth, margin, respectively.

People often forget about Simone when they talk about the 17-21 Code. But she was far and away the gymnast of the Quint, and perhaps more dominant in this Code than the last.

Absolutely WILD that Perea was the 4th highest AAer of the quint with her performance as a junior at 2017 Jesolo, of which there is no video :)) In 2016 she was my favorite up-and-coming US girl


Just imagine what a fully healthy and confidently hitting team of McCallum, McCusker, Lee, and Biles could have done in Tokyo.
VT (McCusker) Lee, McCallum, Biles
UB (McCallum) Biles, Lee, McCusker maybe swap McCallum for Biles if McCallum bars were pre-Covid
BB (McCallum) McCusker, Lee, Biles
FX (Lee) McCusker, McCallum, Biles

This was one of my biggest takeaways. Two per country obviously has a big role but still :open_mouth:

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