Tokyo Qualies (interesting routines)

I hand’t seen Sanne:

It’s kind of weird to me how she was rewarded with a gold in 2016 and then this doesn’t make finals even. I feel she has really been a constant on her career too, I’m glad on one of the better moments she snatched Olympic gold


This one’s tough to watch:

also, has he got something in his mouth? After the routine he’s kind of panting and it looks blue. Is this something people do? Like boxers?

She would probably have made finals but for that L turn…

I just realized Nina leads E-panel in bars, beam AND floor qualis

I can’t say I’m happy with this taking first place in E score:

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this is second best E -score, thank god (then moors, then listunova):

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Love this! We are also missing some judging for these prelims routines so I’m definitely going to revisit and fill in as necessary

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Do you mean that Jessica Gadirova should have beaten Derwael in E-score?

If you think that, then I agree.

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I had Nina 8.4 and Jess 8.6.

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Nina’s doesn’t strike me as a particularly clean routine, it’s more empty than anything.

I must say though, moors took third e-score place with visible errors on the first two tumbling passes so probably she’d have come up on top had she “hit” the routine (jess G also has that stumble out of the leap tho)

Nina’s not my cup of tea, but that’s a smartly constructed routine. And while I didn’t agree with every choreo choice made, it show actual choreography, which is way to rare these days. There’s just not many places for judges to take deductions. Also, I’m a total sucker for those little homages to Bogi’s “Carmen” that Nina does.

Re: Sanne’s beam, the e-scores on beam are so bunched at the top, the judges are (the code, actually), imo, doing a terrible job of separating the athletes in a meaningful way. Sanne finished 14th, a third reserve, due to 2-per. The execution scores of those 14 gymnasts ranged from 7.566 (Biles) to 8.266 (Listunova); throw out Biles and the range is 7.8 (Black) to 8.266. TEN of the 14 were bunched in the 8.000-8.266 range. D score is doing the separating on beam because the code is failing to provide adequate execution separation between beam routines.

Bars also has an e-score bunching problem, but we’ve been bitching about that for multiple quads now. Vault does as well. Floor less so just because a handful of gymnasts can throw insane difficulty and really rack up the d-score to overcome low e-scores (coughUSAcough). Though the floor final the scores were pretty bunched together–but that was the rare final where 7 of 8 hit, so what an enjoyable final to watch from a spectator point of view.