The Olympic Trifecta

How many people have completed the Olympic Gymnastics Trifecta - having been an Olympic athlete; an Olympic coach; and an Olympic judge.

As far as I know, Nellie Kim never coached an Olympic team, right?

All I can think of is Davydova (for the Soviets as an athlete and for Canada as coach and judge).

Chow was never a judge. Did he compete at the Olympics for China?

Any others?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Chellsie, one day, had Tom’s role. They could really do with an ex-athlete with judging credentials picking the team.

And maybe mustafina will, one day! Has she expressed any interest in getting her Brevet?

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Sanne seems like a future possibility too.

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Tourischeva? She was the head judge on beam in LA in '84 and was one of Podkopayeva’s coaches–not sure if she was on the floor in Atlanta or anything tho

Tourischeva was a judge in Atlanta.

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Thank you Concorde! so Tourischeva has accomplished two of the trifecta? Does anyone know what, if anything, Tourischeva did in 1980 pertaining to the sport?

I’m not having much success online finding results

As far as I’m aware, Mustafina has not done any judging education. Komova is doing hers currently

Eh?! In a parallel universe?!

She will “body shape” the shit out of everyone!


Tourischeva was also a judge at the '84 Olympics–presumably as a representative of the FIG rather than the Soviet Union. You can catch an occasional glimpse of her in the video footage, and she looks decidedly annoyed the whole time.

Yuri Titov was FIG president at the time, so he was also there. In fact, he had the privilege (?!) of presenting MLR with her AA gold, and, as my mom said, “Pardon the pun, but he looks really teed off.”

She will deduct every botched switch ring and front puck :speak_no_evil:

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