The Official USAG Leotard thread

In consultation with RedBirdie, it has been decided that now is the time to set up the 2020/1 Olympic leotards thread. This thread is only for the US at this point as we will also be paying close attention to trials leos before going onto Olympics leos. A leotard thread for the rest of the world will be opened closer to the Olympics. So post and snark away…


these are always my favourite threads lol

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So far, from trials, I’ve seen this one, which I like. Simple and almost retro looking.
Points for a decent cut, loses some for the sparkles but overall very nice.

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I like those. i can’t wait to see day two

Looks almost
Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 6.30.07 PM
exactly like one from Rio.

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I don’t like the short red cuff at the end of the sleeve. It makes their arms look shorter than they actually are.

I actually like this one! Very beautiful blue.

Love the back!
Mehhhh for the front
leo front
leo back

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Never liked the red V
Without it, I would love it

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Same. The red V on the Rio leo ruined it for me. I’m really digging tonight’s very retro-inspired look. I wonder if it was a red stripe on the sides like the sleeveless version.

Love it. It looks like a nice blend of this one:

and the Rio ones.

This is the 2nd US Trials leo:

Athletes will wear this one and the blue one. The same thing they did at 2000 Trials. There were two leos then, a red and a navy. People picked which one they wanted to wear which day so there was a mix of both leos each night.

I think the red would look less weird if the blue was a true navy.

I like the back of the training leotard. Of the long sleeved, I like the blue better than the red. I love Simone but holy blue eye shadow. It reminded my mom of our middle school friends in the 80’s.

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Mustafina could rock the bold eyeshadow, Simone’s just wasn’t quite the shade of the leo and looked odd.


I thought the sleeves of the red kinda looked like candy canes…

Yeah. I definitely prefer getting to see an array of NT leos from the quad. Both of the trials leos are fine, but I just enjoy seeing the multitude of leos the US has had over the past quad. I also didn’t like how they had the two “squads” in different leos. Either have unity, or don’t do specific leos. It did seem a little “red vs blue.”

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I think 2000 Olympic Trials were the same way as this year.

I’ve been calling it the candy cane leo