The NFL Thread!

A thread for everyone to share what team they follow and any thoughts and musings on the season so far.

Hey… rock n roll… didn’t think I’d see an NFL thread here. Chicago Bears fan here!

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Green Bay fan here. Chicago broke my heart too many times, unfortunately.

I’ll be all in on GB, but many of their wins have been sloppy this season, and something is going on with Crosby’s usually set-it-and-forget it kicking. That Cincinnati game was the embodiment of buffoonery, a proverbial final where everybody is allergic to wanting a medal. It was so funny, though. Aaron hasn’t been able to replicate 2011, but we can also safely bet he has Chellsie’s endorsement and blessing. We’ll see.

Arizona looks great. Please no Tampa Bay or New England for Super Bowl win. I could do a KC win, even Buffalo or Tennessee.

I don’t watch football often but tuned into the Bills vs Chiefs game in the second half. That fourth quarter had more touchdowns than all the past games I’ve watched combined.


That game was crazy! Hate the overtime rules for post season though.