The most valuable tumbling pass in WAG

Too many injuries. Dropped to level 10 and then retired after a nasty fall on floor.

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She competed as a senior at 2014 P&Gs and was invited to the selection camp that year. She dropped to L10 the next year and retired pretty soon after that. She’s a JO coach nowadays.

There’s a name I haven’t thought of in a long time! Her mom was definitely a crazy gym mom.

Love the composition and her inter-skill movement/choreo/flow is something worth plagiarizing!

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Both parents were horrendous. Dad was equally as obnoxious as mom was. We sat three seats down from the family at the 2013 Nationals (juniors). You could tell they put tremendous pressure on her.

Is that “nesting,” though? The COP does not allow “1.5 (C) + RO + Whip (A) + BHS + 3/1 (E)” … to earn 0.3 from using the C twice; 1st as part of C+E (Indirect - 0.20 CV), 2nd as the first A in A+A+E (Indirect - 0.20 CV) for a total of 0.40 CV.

“1.5 (C) + RO + Whip (A) + 3/1 (E)” should = 0.4 CV, as there is no overlap. The 1.5 is used on its own in an Indirect C+E, and the Whip is used on its own in a Direct A+E. Idk.

Karpenko’s “RO+Whip (A)+BHS+ADF (E)+Front (A),” particularly at the 1997 European Master’s, should be worth 0.8 (E = 0.50; E+A = 0.20; A>E should be 0.10), and I’d take maybe -0.1 for the leg separation for 0.7 net gain… I have no doubt she could’ve done 2 whips (she did Whip+Whip combos in her 2003 comeback) or Whip+ADF+Front (she did Whip+ADF in 1998)… lots of should haves/ifs, though.

Karpenko’s career in a nutshell.


Still not over it.

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Literally the most insane way to lose an Olympic Gold medal.


According to the rules the 1.5 twist would be indirectly connected to the Whip, rather than the Triple Twist. Another example of the code failing. I think .3 cv would be deserved for that sequence, .4 is a bit excessive. Start the sequence with a 2.5 twist and we can give .4 :blush:

The Code really needs to reward combo tumbling, but that goes back to the perennial argument of ROI being properly recognized and rewarded.