The Karolyi Ranch was Sold

Per this article that I found:

Supposedly, after the sale, “Bela and Marta Karolyi left the country to return to their native Romania to visit relatives for the summer.” I’m assuming that means, they are never coming back to the US, and will get off scot-free?


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I doubt they’re coming back to America. Anyone who wins a lawsuit is unlikely to get any money if the Karolyis moved their assets to Romania.


I think so, too. Ugh. I know they have a daughter in Texas (thinking potentially they could come back for her/their grandchildren), but these are the same people who left her in Romania for a while, after they defected to the US. Totally different circumstances, yes – but, I don’t think they are ever coming back.

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I hope they burn it to the ground and sow the land with salt. What those inhuman things did to innocent and helpless children there is beyond evil. I can’t believe they were allowed to leave (flee) the country. They should be rotting in jail. Pure evil.

Someone said something similar on Twitter. Norah Flatley offered to help.


I mean you could easily turn it into a haunted museum and make a fortune.

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Even My Romanian friends of retirement age who have lived in the USA for 30 years are debating whether to stay in the USA or go back to Romania upon retirement. I can’t imagine the Karoylis doing anything but hightailing it back to the homeland.

I’m just angry that they will (likely) never face any consequences for their actions. Super shady that they up and left.


I hope that at least the Karoylis will not be able to take any wealth back with them. I hope the gymnasts who suffered will collect any profits made from the sale at least, through lawsuits.


It makes me so angry that they’ve not taken any responsibility for anything. Because even assuming they didn’t know what was happening with LN, they damn well did know what kind of environment they had going on inside there.

If you were them, would you stick around?


I know why they left, but considering they still have civil lawsuits pending against them, I do not agree with it. Personally, I think they should be behind bars for their ridiculously abusive behavior, over the past 50 years.


You can enforce a judgment from an American court in Romania but it is an incredible hassle and you have to kind of plan it from the start of the litigation. So unless the defendant with Romanian assets is a big fish in the overall litigation you may not even bother. In any event, no matter how tough, mean and nasty the Karolyis were, legally, they likely had little or no liability in the Nassar case.

If anyone had anything concrete on the Karolyis they would have been taken down at the height of their power, long before the Nassar stuff came to light. Various people have spoken out for years about the Karolyis, they can’t have all elected not to go down the legal route. There’s nothing there. Look how complicated it is proving with Maggie Haney, who to my knowledge is the only high profile coach to have been done for non sexual abuse?

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There’s also the issue of Bela’s health. Afaik there’s never been an official announcement, no reason why there would be, but there was talk of dementia by the time Marta retired. If that’s the case, we’ve no idea whether he would be fit to stand trial or not.


Do not think that would matter. I believe they were already deposed and Marta could testify.

I assume civil here rather than criminal?

Surely if the ranch was sold, the Karolyi’s had US dollars in their bank account, at least for a short while.

Do they have no judgements against them?

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