The definition of "dynamics"

In this video that came out today, judge/choreographer Nicole Langevin defines dynamics this way, and says there is a deduction for it on every event:

The code does define dynamics in the glossary: “Active, forceful, energetic, explosive change in the intensity of performance”

However, I only ever saw dynamics listed for vault, where, frankfully, it’s redundant to height and distance (and was removed last quad before being added back in this past quad). But that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it. Is there something I don’t know about?

Maybe the clip of this judge is referencing judging Development Program levels? We do have dynamics deductions on every event there.

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Ah. So this video is changing the context of what she said. Sigh.

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The woman in this video is completely wrong. No one gets a dynamics deduction on a wolf turn…