The Dark Side of Fandom

If creepy (and dangerous?) fanatics continue to be a problem I would expect increased security at meets. That would be unfortunate for young fans who would like to get a autograph or picture with gymnast at college meets.

I don’t have a general comment on this situation (at least not yet) … however, I wonder if this will impact schools and teams moving forward with recruiting. Would it make dollars and sense for schools and teams to recruit an athlete like her in the future?

Name and shame is one potential way to discourage the offensive behavior. I can’t imagine Utah, of all places, not having a student code of conduct. And while adminitrations will bend over backward to excuse “boys being boys”, when they are on film, there is less cover/deniability.


A lot of those boys looked to be younger than college age. If that’s the case, the school has limited recourse beyond potentially banning their attendance at future meets.

Too many people are being far too easy on Olivia on this one, even suggest that to hold her partly responsible is victim blaming.

Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she doesn’t fall into the category of misogynist social media influencer.

I think there’s no doubt that if the fans of a male influencer behaved in such a way towards females, people would be rightly appalled and hold them partly responsible.

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Well, as others have mentioned… Olivia isn’t even the victim in this situation, she’s wittingly benefiting. The other girls and proximate fans who had to put up with this without asking for it are the victims.

To remove any culpability from Olivia herself is the equivalent in my mind of saying “Donald Trump had absolutely nooooothing to do with why rioters stormed congress, that’s victim blaming”.

My wonder is if and when and how this shapes Olivia’s position on the team. Does this reach a point where coaches say “yeah not worth it”. Can they even do that?


I thought that too but chalked it up to me being old now and everyone looking like kids to me. If they were high schoolers, that means they are probably local and…Utah. if they wanted to, there is surely something their (probable) church can do, since they are on film and things related to sex (looking at ass pics probably counts as pornography to the mormons) are forbidden, well… and if it isn’t their church’s responsibility, it is their parents for sure so naming and shaming should work there too.

(For the record, I don’t think looking at (or posting) ass pics is wrong, but how these guys are expressing their fandom definitely is)

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Dunne isn’t encouraging her fans to go out and harass other gymnasts. The comparison to Trump’s action leading up to and on January 6 is so far off base.


This is a ridiculous statement.

I can’t believe I read this.

Are you being sarcastic or actually serious?


I dont think its that far off. At least not a ridiculous statement. She has a whole instagram feed of skimpy clothing, suggestive poses and pouty faces. Creating a sexually suggestive environment. Which is totally fine, good for her and proud of her sexuality and being able to express herself how she wants. Its awfully short sighted or naive to not think a feed like that with 1 mill+ followers is not going to embolden pervy male behavior. Thats the comparison to Jan 6, creating an environment that naturally draws this type of behavior.

I do not agree with this statement, and not to further discuss potentially triggering subject matter, however your exact thinking is why we have a rape culture here in the United States.

I will not further comment as to not trigger anyone, but you can see where I am going with this.


Women. Are. Not. Responsible. For. Male. Behavior.


Im sorry, I really dont understand how this is triggering someone. Please help me understand what is so triggering to point out the reality of someone obviously selling based upon their sexuality? To ignore a fact does not make it untrue? I am not suggesting that anyone who chooses this route is responsible or at fault to others actions, but its a sad reality of the world we live in. One can acknowledge a problem but still disagree with it.

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Why does it matter that she’s a female? People are very quick to point the finger at male social media influencers when even just one person who follows them, does something inappropriate. They are slammed for creating and emboldening misogyny.


So by your rationale, women need to cover up when they go out in public, because if they are scantily clad, well…they deserve what comes to them because they were seeking that kind of attention.


I Am Not Saying Women Are Responsible For Male Behavior I am merely recognizing that some men, as wrong as it is, will act like pervs given the opportunity.


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Yet…Dunne has millions of other male fans that DID NOT go to the meet and act that way.

That’s not what I am saying, failing to recognize the reality of the situation. Why do celebrities have bodyguards? Because they know given their fame, etc, that they are exposed to potential harm, harrassment etc. I fully support women going out as scantily clad as they want. Hell I think its unfair that women can be arrested for indecency going topless while men can take their shirts off at will. Its like reading an audience, you have to realize the types of responses you are going to get and adjust or prepare accordingly. So ya go out wearing next to nothing, but I would tell my daughter to have mace available, stick close to friends, and be smart who she interacts with. It sucks that I would have to stress those things, but that is the world we live in.