The best routines of the Quad (Quint)

So now we come to the end of the Quad, we normally have a thread to look back on some of our favourite routines of the Quad.

I need to think about what routines were my favourite from a sentimental point of view. BUT, I thought it was interesting that the highest scoring non-Simone floor routine of the quad at Worlds/Olympics was actually….

This beat every FIG international FX routine (I think except one of Jade’s floors at a World Cup, and of course Simone) of the entire quad. And no, I don’t count those Japanese meets where Mai got like a 17.

At least while she was a senior international elite, Kim was masterful at making sure her routines had no artistry deductions. I thought her 2018 floor was even better. Wouldn’t take anything for artistry here, either:

I remember we were all PRAYING that she would get through this routine uninjured at the time.

Dear God, I got ADD and this music cut still stressed the shit out of me

So glad I was off gym for this period :rofl:

Haha right! But I doubt she got anything for artistry. There wasn’t a dull moment!

No, I agree. I don’t like the routine at all but I don’t think you could give it an artistry deduction, as the code stands. I’m not sure I’d argue it merits one either, it’s just absolutely not my cup of tea, but that’s sadly not a deduction (yet).

I’m not sure who to credit for the choreography. Did Kim do it? Or was Ragan just a special gymnast with the stamina to keep moving like a madman for 90 seconds?

I imagine most gymnasts couldn’t make it through all the way to the dismount with that level of complexity and detail in the choreography.

I think Kim blows as a coach, but her elites almost always have the most highly choreographed routines in the US. The attention to details she puts into these routines is crazy.

Now if only she paid half as much attention to proper technique.


And not just the routines. The STAMINA to get through them, too.

Skinner would barely have gotten to the third pass.

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You also had to be slightly spastic overall and have an extreme motivation to stick all your passes in order to get extra Perler bead bonus!

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