THAT Khorkina Vault

I love gainer skills in general! When Shannon Miller did her gainer layout to one foot, I did that move probably a million times in my yard lol


Do you have full gymnasts scores you’re referencing from Sydney? I usually go to but they only have team scores in the aggregate.

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Corina Ungureanu used this dismount series before Raducan. Also, this is not meant to take away from the originality of the combination, but one of the reasons the gainered back handspring was used, was to get around the repetition rules of the 1997-2000 COP. Unlike the current rules (which have been in place since 2001), you could not repeat back handsprings in a second combination and still earn bonus. For example, if Raducan had done back handspring stepout + tucked full and then back handspring stepout + back handspring to two feet + double pike, the dismount series would not have earned connection bonus. Some gymnasts, such as Ling Jie and Kristen Maloney, continued to repeat back handsprings in their dismount sequences even though this wasn’t earning any connection bonus.

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Better than Shawn’s Sheep Jump.