THAT Khorkina Vault

Why was it not given a zero? What were the rules in the 97-00 Code about landing feet first?

It was a 1 point deduction for not landing feet first. The judges helped her out a little.

But, UGH, the 2000 Olympic vault mess. It wasn’t her fault.


They pretty much opted out of applying that rule in Sydney. See also Allana Slater.

Her feet did hit first, her toes touch the mat a split second before her knees do.

Worst debacle in gymnastics ever. Not her. That AA.

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I think it was pretty simultaneous

I do too, so can’t really deduct in that situation.

Mind you, these vaults got 8.525 and 8.012 respectively, and the second one at least is clearly not feet first in real time.

So I think it’s fair to say they weren’t too bothered about feet first at this competition. Although that could’ve been relief that she was still walking.