Team USA: Paul Juda

Usually I would copy and paste the entire article here but this is really well done as it is. Article on the Olympic Channel website by Scott Bregman.

There’s also a 3 minute “fluff piece” segment with Paul that I can’t directly embed here because it’s just on the Olympic Channel site itself not youtube, but it’s also well done and I recommend watching it.

No log ins required for either link, anyone can click and read/watch.

Mentioned in the article: The pommel horse routine performed at the Friendship and Solidarity competition (Nov 2020, Japan) that prompted Kohei Uchimura to tell Paul “You are the flare master!”

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That was pretty. I was getting Urzica vibes.

Gotta say this GIPHY stuff is cool… just made this one…

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And he’s good at HB - a current weakness of the USA

I haven’t seen flares like that since Sasha Artemev.

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