Switch Leg BHS


Is this contemplated in the code? I can’t even tell whether it’s much harder than the regular bhs

I love it because it’s so aesthetic!

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I saw this full video somewhere and it identified the gymnast. Her name is escaping me, but her full routine was wicked interesting.

I believe it’s given the same value as a regular BHS. It’s really not harder at all IMO, especially compared to a regular gainer BHS with no switch leg.

This is Varvara Zubova–she won beam EF at Russian Cup w this.I’m pretty sure this is C + C + C for .3 CV. The switch leg bhs is a C if I recall correctly and it can be repeated for SB just as any other FF or LOSO

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It’s Varvara Zubova


Which element is it in the COP? I only see 5.202 BHS two-feet, 5.204 BHS stepout, and 5.206 gainer BHS (all Bs). I would be surprised if it were a C since switching legs is definitely not harder than doing two feet, but I guess it wouldn’t be the craziest thing the FIG has ever done.

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@YurchenkoLoop @Caledi
I don’t see this element in the code. The FRONT handspring with leg change is in the code, and it’s a C, but the BHS is not.

It’s a cool element.

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I do think a B is more appropriate than C.

Thank you! I knew it was someone current but the name escaped me!

It’s an odd situation. I believe she’s not currently on even the reserve national team…

Wasn’t a one arm BHS a C in the Athens Code? So One arm BHS to LOSO got both your Acro EGR and a tenth in bonus?

Yes this is correct. The Romanians really milked that too

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As I would!

Please bitch you’d be off on the first split leap. You wouldn’t ever get to the 1-handed bhs

Split Leap? No sir. I’ll be doing this:


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The question is, would you give yourself 0.3s for body shape? And would you revel in it as much as you usually do?

Oh, I’d be getting 5s. The question is whether D panel would credit.