Suni Lee new UB combo (training)

Aleftina Priakhina


How about shirai, did he ever do the scherbo or just his double twist version (shirai III? I lost count with this guy)


Also 3/4. Theyreally should change the description, it makes no sense to call it something nobody has done

At least in the women’s code, it specifically says turn of 270° onto the table for these vaults. The illustrations, however, show 360° turn. :woman_shrugging:

Those are more of a 7/8 or 13/16 than the 3/8 or 7/16 that we see from the early 2000s attempts. Honestly getting past the 3/4 mark and having a better block makes it a much more appealing vault visually.

Didn’t Priakhina do the first double-twisting full-in double back?


She competed it at 1986 junior euros. Not certain she was the first in the ussr though

I think she did the first back tuck full on beam too.

@Concorde has better knowledge than me though!

@Hatsumomo Aleftina did the double double at 1987 Euros.

That was Albina Shishova in 1983

I think irichluck21 was thinking of a standing full on beam which I think she was first(or least one of the first)

For the double full-in (both twists on the first salto), Groshkova is the first that I’m aware of, with Alexis Brion being the first to do a piked double full-in.

What happened with her (Priakhina)? Injury? Consistency? Victim of depth? YouTube doesn’t have a ton.

She was coached by “Mental” Klimenko (Mukhina’s coach) and Nadezhda Maslennikova (who later coached Zamo).

She was born in Turkmenistan, but moved to Moscow at a very young age for better coaching. She trained at the Army Sports Club, which at that time also had Elena Gurova and Elena Shevchenko.

She finished 3rd at the 1987 ussr championships and was selected for Europeans. But by the USSR cup, she’d dropped to 7th and ended up the alternate for worlds. That was the disastrous year that the team was selected purely on rank order.

Nothing happened as such, she was just the victim of the insane depth the Soviet Union had that quad. She retired in 1988. She’s good friends with Chusovitina. They had a good catch up at worlds a few years ago. It’s crazy to think that their careers overlapped.


wasn’t there a Japanese girl doing the full and full-in off beam in 81 or 80?

Boguinskaya did the double double in 1985

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Jiang Wei did it in 1980

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For some reason, I thought she didn’t compete it until 1987, but there’s a magazine article from 1983 (!) where she mentions training it and how it would be called the Boginskaya. Where did she first compete it?

Uh, don’t about 90% of gymnasts ever have a career overlap with Chuso? :wink:

(statistic may be exaggerated…)


That would be a fun stat to see calculated. Sounds like a TMC blog to me.

TMC had something similar I’m sure!