Suni Lee new UB combo (training)

This could form the basis of a whole paper on the structures that force GroupThink haha.

This is why we are so many E Scores bunched up together. No one gives Van Gerner a 9.0E on FX, not because they don’t think she deserves one, but because they don’t think anyone else will join them and thus they don’t want to be the “high” score getting knocked out and damaging their JEP average.



To be fair, i had van gerner down to a 9.2 just by looking at her makeup

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straight to jail


will i get off by painting on some whiskers the way Celine avoids artistic deductions from you?

Only if you perform the full choreo and have a matching leotard too. Otherwise, throw away the fucking key.


Video coming up, bix

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And showing a Khorkina vault in training

Very cool. But she needs to fix this:


This could be 5 tenths, right?


I noticed that on her Servente Friday night. Just tucking crazy crazy early. She’s tucking almost immediately from the springboard.

Yes I think the expectation is that the block must be on straight legs and hips. The tuck can only start once the hands have left the table, IIRC.

I noticed that too, and was surprised they didn’t deduct for it (then again SEC…)

You’d think you’d get a better block with a straight body, as well

Is a tucked pod a servente? This is one i didn’t know…

No actually, the Servente is a round off half on, tuck front half performed by Veronica Servente of Italy. She competed at the 1991 Worlds and 1992 Olympics.

Technically, a Pod is a piked Servente! Since Servente did her vault before Podkopayeva did hers!

no that’d be an Omelianchik 1/2, if anything #nerdingout

No it’s a yurchenko half on pike 1/2 off

At 3:01 the Servente then the Podkapayeva.


Omg is that oana ban doing a khorkina II? This thread is totally propping up my nerd knowledge


I think she’s doing a full on and a tuck full off… basically a tucked scherbo vault

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