Streaming Winter Cup

Looks like Elite Team Cup and Sunday Winter Cup Sessions will be on this new platform.

Say 👋 to FlipNow Powered by USA Gymnastics - a new streaming platform for live, archived, and on-demand content.

All subscription proceeds go to funding USAG's athlete support programs. Visit to learn more and subscribe!

— USA Gymnastics (@USAGym) February 22, 2022
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$9.99 a month is reasonable! What did Flo cost?!


I think they were cheaper for the year, but I don’t anticipate needing a full year. Probably join and quit month by month depending on what I want to watch.


Nah. The USAG one is cheaper. It will be interesting to see how this goes for them!

When you think of the cost of streaming this (hire 4 kids to essentially IG live each apparatus), USAG could really make a killing on this to “…fund our athlete mental health programmes…”

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