Soccer (or "football" in most of the rest of the world)

What teams or leagues do you follow? Do you coach? This’ll be our own lil’ soccer community, both men’s and women’s. I mainly follow Seattle Sounders (MLS), who got KOed by Real Salt Lake in PKs in this year’s MLS Playoffs first round.

As far as women’s soccer, I follow college somewhat closely. I have followed the NWSL as well, but that league is getting rocked by an abuse scandal involving Paul Riley, and it appears others. My Portland Thorns were one of his teams, so that’s pretty upsetting. In happier (?) news, we are getting a local team, San Diego Wave FC. Hoping that turns out well, but this offseason will be interesting.

Interesting! I like football but don’t know the first thing about the US game so not sure how much use I’ll be.

My team is Man United. I used to get to live matches a few times a season 10-15 years ago, and was on an incredible run of being there for absolute classics, but haven’t been for a decade now for various reasons and the only live games I’ve been at during that time have been one or two of Cliftonville FCs. That’s my husband’s team. My interest in the game has waxed and waned, I think I have just about reached the edge of my tolerance for the corporate bullshit. But I have tickets for the opening game next summer in the UEFA women’s Euros, first ever international, which should be exciting!

Used to play a very little bit as a teen, nothing remotely special. Never coached and wouldn’t know how.