Site Performance

How did the site perform during the WAG team final?

Did anyone get randomly logged out? Did the topic keep freezing for anyone?

Worked great for me! Shockingly fast for an active forum!

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As far as the server goes… we were looking good…

…but I really wanted to double check and see if there were issues out there anywhere.

It froze a lot for me and now I get a message that I have to wait 18883 seconds every time I like somebody’s post.


When was it freezing for you? Was it when team finals was on live?

During then, but also long after before the primetime replay.

How was it freezing?

Just wouldn’t respond to anything I did. No scrolling, respond to clicking on anything, couldn’t type.


What type of device are you on… what operating system… what browser?

Also… did you give out tons of “likes” today… like 75?

Try to like this post now.

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@Hatsumomo , you are just too likeable! :wink:


No message when I liked the post. I’m on MacOS Big Sur 11.2 using Chrome.

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Safari on my phone kept crashing and closing this morning when I tried to scroll at all in the main thread during the competition.

The same thread worked with no problem on my desktop.

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I’ll keep looking into things.

Be sure to respond to this topic either way.

The more data we have the better we can figure things out.

Heads-up for anyone else having this problem: my Adblock breaks the endless scrolling mechanism, so I could only read 10-20 posts at a time (the others would disappear into the void). I figured out Adblock was the issue just now. Disabling it has the site working well for me.

Edit: I recall during Olympic Trials my phone really struggled to get the forum working. It would freeze and crash. That may be a processing power issue on my end though, as it’s an older model (iPhone 6S) and at the time was running iOS 12 I think.

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Remember… the ads help the site live on forever! We do have the defender membership which will disable the ads.


Oh, I’ve got nothing against the ads on this site as they’re not intrusive :slight_smile: However, much of the internet is just adware left right and centre, making websites hard to read, slow to load, and distracting. I’m often astonished when I disable Adblock at how filthy the landscape becomes.


I honestly hate ads… however… they will help the site stay stable into the future. The hope is that the members that really use the site on a regular basis will choose to pay the $20/year for the “defender / no ads” membership.

Actually… it would be cool to have upgraded memberships that include t-shirts… stickers… etc.

There will always be a way to go “ad free” here.

We are still working with the ad company… there was a huge issue with crazy ads during the subdivisions the other day… but they got them fixed up.

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That happened to me as well on both my iPad and iPhone. The messages won’t load and I have to restart the page.

this is what I got until a few minutes ago