Simone’s Yurchenko Double Pike

I’m surprised Armine hasn’t claimed she competed it along with her double layout off beam.


This drives me up a wall becauase the entire intention of bringing it up is to cause controversy (a la a Facebook post by gym moms 'Simone wasn’t the first to do it!!!11"). Everyone who has ever followed this sport knows that people play around with skills and land them occasionally in pits but that 75% of these never make it to the competiton floor because of how much work is involved in getting them consistent and safe.

Actually, nevermind, let’s retroactively name it the Wood and it can be the hardest vault along with the Mustafina-Rodionenko (the balletic TTY).

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I highly doubt that. Her Yurchenko was not that powerful and while I think she did a DTY once, she stuck with the 1 1/2.

There is no way this was going to be evolved into a Yurchenko double back:

I’ve heard Simone played with it into pits for years and the John Crumlish piece says she did when Aimee was still with her.

For sure it matters getting a vault consistent enough to raise the landing and move it onto hard surfaces. Anything can be chucked into pits, right?

I’m sure this video of Jeanette Antolin doing the YDP in the pit has been posted before, but I wonder if there’s something to the double pike being easier than a tuck in terms of the quick hamstring grab from the set. Or maybe it’s easier to keep the legs straight from the set than to try to find a quick tuck position? I don’t think I’ve seen as many double back tucks as I’ve seen pikes with the men either (yurchenko or tsuk entry), come to think of it.

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FIG taking a lot of heat on IG over provisional D-score given to Biles’ YDP

This type of bandwagon jumping REALLY annoys me.

Simone herself said she trained the YDP because it was safer and easier for her than the Y3.0.

FIG would have given the Y3.0 a 6.2, without doubt. So I’m not sure why Simone can be pissed at getting a 6.6 for an easier and safer vault than a 6.2…

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Yeah, I mean, it’s kind of hard to tackle this stuff until people accept the initial premise that the Code is neither open-ended, consistent, nor biomechanically logical. There’s almost no way for four-year/casual/non-fans to be able to contribute anything helpful re: the vault SV.

Beam at least had a reference point and was flagrant, IMO. I don’t think this 6.6 is flagrant, but I understand the anger if considering repeat transgressions and FIG officials’ own words about where they want the sport to go, i.e. not towards China and the US.


I agree with you. Of course the ydp is new, flashy and undeniably frickin’ hard. But the produnova is at least equally hard, if not harder. It’s way more difficult to get enough height from a front handspring than it is from a yurchenko; a yurchenko actually being the easiest way of all entries to get height. Add the blind landing to that and I really think the produnova is just the harder vault.

That being said, if you’re a little short on a produnova you’ll land on your butt. Short on a ydp means possibly breaking your ankles. Which probably is the reason some people do attempt the produnova, but not the ydp. Also, doing some thinking while writing this, the technique of the yurchenko entry is a little more complicated. Once really mastered it gives you the most height, but technique-wise I would assume the front handspring entry is easier.

Somewhat true. Chucking a handspring is pretty easy but actually doing the handspring part correctly is something most of the women who have tried the Prod have failed on. They have their legs started in the tuck when they hit the table and block instead of being straight-as-an arrow. They are sacrificing a huge amount of angular momentum by tucking early. Most of them got it around by cowboying and landing in a deep squat, but their technique off the board was faulty. Of course, a lot of (most. well, basically all) gymnasts don’t have Simone’s form on Yurchenko entries either…

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Mmm I don’t know that proper technique on the Produnova is easier than doing the YDP, but chucking it and essentially doing a running triple front with a bit of a push from the table would appear to be.

Yes that’s actually what I was thinking about. Just running your *ss off and chucking the thing. It’s not possible with a ydp

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I don’t know, look at Mykaykay who used to basically do a moors while caressing a vaulting horse. Maybe she MyKould


What a beautiful turn of phrase. I give it an 8.8 e score.


Caress :joy::joy::joy::joy:

it was the bent arms and pauses that brought me down all the way from 9.7

Here is a timer of Maroney’s–a back tuck. She’s tucking her knees (not hips) on the block here, but based on the effort put into this timer, she seems to have the height and airtime to pull off a double back.


She could have done the YDP or Yurchenko Triple Tuck. Poo on Marta.


Wow, not just a gymnast, Biles is also an athletic runner ! That’s the best run I have ever seen in a gymnast !

The vault was excellent, but not perfect. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8.5. Biles can improve on vault. Even then, Biles is the very best, and the most decorated for good reason !

José M.

Oh yeah…she’s tucking her knees for a reason. Had she done her normal block, she would have gotten more height off the horse.

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