Simone Rose Appreciation

You guys I think she’s going to be important as a senior. She’s improving.


I just watched her routines and I agree. Finally a junior who doesn’t seem already maxed out in terms of physical ability. She has potential across all events. And it’s promising to see that they’re taking their time with her D scores.


Her floor is the best thing I’ve seen at Nationals so far. I need to watch the rest of her routines because I’m pretty sure she’s my new favorite junior.

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Is it weird that even though I love her gymnastics, I don’t want her to become junior national champ because of the extra attention she’ll get from being named Simone? It feels like there will be more pressure

I was raving about Simone and Jayla Hang last year. They really stood out at nationals. Even through Simone only did a couple of events, her form, technique, and presence were eye-catching.


I’m unsure about the coaches. They seem to be managing and pacing Simone well, but Jayla has had an awful time this year.

I should say, whoever taught Simone and Jayla their basics deserves and award. Cale only started coaching them in the last few years.

Jayla…she started the year strong at Winter Cup. Junior worlds was a mess for almost everyone. No idea what her injury is right now, and maybe she’s also struggling through a growth spurt. I agree she didn’t look great Friday.

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There is also the curse of the junior national champion. Who was the last jr. champ that made a strong transition to senior?


Leanne Wong was junior champ. I know her career feels a bit disappointing, but there’s a lot of gymnasts who would love to be an Olympic alternate and multiple world medalist.


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There is also the curse of the junior national champion.[/quote]

I always remember this being raised specifically with regards to U.S. junior national champions in an Olympic year, with Liukin and Weiber being the notable exceptions.

In the event’s 36 year history, a little over half of the champions have made either a world championship or Olympic team. These gymnasts have won a combined 40 world championship and 18 Olympic medals (lower if you strip out overlaps from being on the same team, but still a fairly impressive figure).