Simone Gets Engaged to NFL's Jonathan Owens

Aww. Great pics, hope she and they are happy.



Aw, congrats to them!

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Marry Me Lets Do This GIF by minted

I wonder what they will plan? A big Texas wedding or Beach in Belize?

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As long as Simone walks down a beam and not the aisle to the altar!


I am truly happy for Simone and her bf. Congrats to them ! I truly wish them a happy & loving marriage. My best wishes for them.

José M.

Do you think Jonathan Biles will continue in the NFL?! :rofl:


I wonder what this means for her chances of coming back.

How wonderful! I’m always glad to see someone find their person. Congratulations to them!


I think if she comes back she’ll wait until the year before. And do 2-3 events.

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I think it’s always been a given that any comeback wouldn’t be until 2023 at the very earliest. Simone would have to be back to serious training pretty soon if she wanted to try for Liverpool, even as a specialist, and she doesn’t look inclined to do that at the moment. It wouldn’t make sense for her to be at this year’s worlds unless it was something she particularly wanted to do, and being engaged doesn’t really change any of that.

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Instead of walking the aisle to the altar, Simone should cartwheel the balance beam to the altar, whilst the Wedding March is played on the organ!

José M.

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