Simone defends Vanessa Ferrari (confused for Carlotta Ferlito IE racist comments 2013 Worlds)

…and throws shade at Ferlitto?

It is actually beyond me what Jasmine Masters thought she was playing at there. The actual idiocy. If you’re going to celebrate someone’s serious injury to an audience of many thousands, you really need to google things first. It’s also probably not a great idea to be giving off ‘I can’t possibly be expected to tell the difference between foreigners’ energy in these particular circumstances.

Instead, she makes a complete tit of herself and causes hassle not only to the person she was having a go at but the person she was trying to defend: I very much doubt Simone was pleased to be dragged into this the day before podium training.

I hope the internet is taking appropriate action against this bellend

I vaguely recall the details, but one can argue that Vanessa Ferrari was being passively racist if she was there with Ferlito and she made the comments and Ferrari didn’t say “that’s not ok”.

Just playing devil’s advocate.

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Jasmine Masters at the center of a gymnastics controversy is not something I had on any bingo card.

To be fair, Ferrari was implicated with Ferlito in all of the press at the time.

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Yeah, Ferrari’s silence was definitely destructive lol

The Italians commenting on this today have all been clear that Vanessa referred to it as racist in press conferences afterwards, which seems pretty unambiguous. But even if she hadn’t, Jasmine Masters would still be in the wrong here. She is quite clearly referring to the person who made the comments, and couldn’t even take 10 seconds to google before starting a shitstorm. If she intended to criticise for passive racism, that’s what she would’ve done. There’s a reason she has deleted the post, and why Simone basically had to tell her to pipe down.

eta- I also think it’s shitty that Simone has essentially been forced to relive an unpleasant racist incident hours from podium training. She could very well have found that upsetting and/or distracting.


Thanks, AR. I searched a bit on Google just now but I’ll take the Italian fans’ word on it. Now the only thing I have against Ferrari is her snubbing Mustafina for a hug after the 2013 beam final lmaoo

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Is Ferrari injured?

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No, it was footage from 2017 worlds.



I’m so disappointed. When I read the title, I thought Simone had purchased a supercar and was being made to justify a lavish item.