Simone Biles has 4 gymnastics meets left … or maybe another Olympic run


Wow! Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t have seen that otherwise. Super short article, but for those who are curious, the highlights are…

“They’ve kind of guilted me to at least being a specialist [competing on one or two events rather than the all-around] and coming back,” said Biles, who in 2024 will be older than any previous U.S. Olympic female gymnast since 1952. “But the main goal is 2021 Olympics first, tour and then we’ll have to see.”

Biles is feeling strong enough now that she plans to debut in at least one of those pre-Olympic meets the Yurchenko double pike vault, which no woman has landed in competition.

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Practically living to see Simone compete the YDP Vault in Tokyo

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Simone can literally water down routines headed toward Paris and still dominate.

I have a feeling she will end up competing again. Now that teams are 5-4-3 in TQ even if she stopped competing, say UB, she would be well worth having on a team for the other 3 alone.

She is also guaranteed another team medal in Paris, likely gold with her on the team.

Do tour and rest.
May 2022 star training VT and BB. Compete at worlds on VT/BB only.
May 2023 bring back FX and maybe UB. Either way 3 events in 2023 Worlds.
2024 bring back a basic UB set with minimal deductions. This with her strong 3 events would get her another Olympic AA gold.

I only want her to go for 2024 if SHE wants to. The upside is that it’s only 3 years away, but burnout can be such a nightmare. And if she decides to go for it, I hope she does AA.


I am sure if you asked her she would WANT to go to Paris.
Whether she wants to put in the time and training for three more years is the critical answer.

I do find it interesting that she was originally dead set on Tokyo being her final meet. Now as time goes by that seems less final.

If she wants to do things fully on her own terms, her best option would be to switch to Belize…

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It’s sad that fewer of us will get to see in person Simone at her best . I hope she still does what she wants on her own terms.

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The commonwealth games would surely be more interesting if she did compete for Belize!

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I think if not for the postponement she would’ve stayed dead set on Tokyo being the end, but now she’s had a weird limbo year, is going to compete this year, and oh look Paris doesn’t seem that far away anymore.

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I can not begin to imagine what she is going through. (What any of these athletes is going through for that matter). The burnout of being an elite gymnast to begin with. Compounded by the burnout of going through your 2d Olympics. Compounded by the off the charts disorientation of this pandemic. Compounded by having the Olympics put off for one year. Honestly, as much as I would like to see Simone’s gymnastics forever, my sense is she may well want to do what she has to do to get through Tokyo. And then just retire. While she is still at the top of her game. Even though that “top” may not be the same “top” it would have been without the pandemic. And everything that came with it.

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If she wants to be the next Chuso but basically just show up for the big meets to throw down two vaults, I think Team USA will fall all over themselves to accommodate that. Gives the announcers the “big name” athlete to talk about, gets a big score, minimal wear and tear on her body. The rest of the team can carry the other events. But yeah, whatever Simone wants to do (or not do), I’m all for it!

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Has Simone DEFINITELY said she’s not doing Worlds? Does it directly conflict with her Tour? What if she’s injured/has flu during Tokyo. Does that change anything?

It does conflict with her tour. Actually it is pretty much smack in the middle. Presents an interesting wrinkle for Laurie and Morgan, who are advertised participants.

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I can’t imagine the mind**** of Tokyo being on one day and off another. While I expect a wave of retirements, I wouldn’t be surprised if some athletes are emboldened to go for Paris because they have some feeling of what a canceled Games, or one completely out of their hands, is like.

Well, Laurie is unlikely to make it to Worlds anyway. Morgan … that’s a different story. She could easily just miss out on Tokyo but be a frontrunner for Worlds. That would be a very tough decision. She could easily be in the hunt for World AA gold.

How many are on the 2021 Worlds team? Is it 4 members 3 up on each piece, no TF, like Montreal?

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Especially since for many of them, this Olympics is still not the full experience. No opening or closing ceremonies, no interaction in the villages, no large audience, etc, etc.

I could see continuing on for one more Olympics so they can feel the full excitement of a non-restriction, socially distanced Olympics. Especially since they won’t be able to do any sight seeing, shopping, or leisure. As soon as the athlete has completed competition they have to head back home immediately. For many of the gymnasts this means they will head home after qualifications.


For someone like Simone who could take a year off and still have her skills the specialist role would be super. More medals for Simone! But she might decide to get married and end up having children then have a comeback 2 Olympics from now. I think that would be the one LA was bidding on?

LA already has the 2028 Olympics. When Paris 2024 was decided, LA 2028 was part of the arrangement.