Simakova banned by RUSADA for doping

Depressing, but since the figure skating situation earlier this year, I’ve basically assumed it’s happening throughout gymnastics too.

RUSADA also disqualified wrestler Shamil Erdogan (for life), boxer Ruslan Chobanov (for 4 years), track and field athletes Victoria Khitko (for 2 years), Ivan Balyasnikov (for 4 years), and 3-on-3 basketball manager Vadim Khodyrev ( for 3 years), sambists Dmitry Medvedev (for 1 year), Karen Poghosyan (for 5 years), weightlifter Gennady Muratov (for 4 years), powerlifter Svetlana Rubel (for 4 years).

At this point, it is time for Russia to be permanently banned from all major sporting events.
Despite not being able to compete as Russia at Worlds or Olympics for the stated years, there continues to be statewide doping. It will never stop as the sanctions just aren’t strict enough. Of course the whole situation with Valieva.
Ban them for 8 years and reconvene to discuss further action.


There’s speculation on Reddit that this is basically Russia trying to look like they’re taking doping seriously by punishing one of their second tier athletes as a sacrificial lamb, all during the time period they can’t compete internationally anyways, and people have pointed out the ban would be over in time for Paris. What do I know, but it’s an interesting take.


The top tier athletes can rest assured their doping will be covered up. Anyone below them gets treated normally. This isn’t limited to RUSADA and applies to other testing agencies.

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Cynical, but not unrealistic. Id also be favour of giving them the boot for a quad (or longer) at this point. Yes, it may be unfair to the athletes, but trying to punish just the federated hasnt had much effect, has it?


She must have drank from Kamila Valieva’s grandfather’s glass of water.