Shilese Jones news story

Was going to drop this in the US Classic thread but she isn’t competing there now. So new thread for Jones it is! This was uploaded 3 days ago so I’m assuming the training clips are recent.

Seattle’s Shilese Jones hoping to finally live out Olympic gymnastics dreams


Wow, I had no idea she was in a car accident in 2021. I know she was quite disappointed with how trials turned out, but even competing there after a back and foot fracture and 4 months rest is remarkable.

The Bhardwaj is an interesting choice. Her 2022 composition with a Nabieva instead of Downie and double front 1/2 would be 6.7 I believe. I guess she could do a shap+Bhardwaj after the pak, but that would only bump her up to 6.8, and the Nab+Pak+van Leeuwen would slot into her '22 routine better. With her pirouette prowess and form, I think she’d gain more from upgrading the dismount and focusing on a high E than a couple extra tenths in D.

More training clips

Both series are worth .7. I wonder if they’ll both make it in the routine. They’re both so risky, and the Arabian too…

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