Shilese IG post (Disappointment of Olympic Trials outcome)

I’m not sure what to even say about this.

I need more information


That is curious.

Ummmm…was she somehow under the impression that she was an actual olympic contender?


That post is all we have to go on…I find it hard to believe that they attended camps and her coach never spoke to anyone, never asked for any advice or critique of things needed. And if that’s the case, why didn’t coach speak up?

I’m not even sure what her main issue is in that post. Is it that she feels she should’ve been named to team (she wasn’t anywhere close to the mix) or is that she felt she should’ve been named an alternate? Or is that she feels her coach was being dissed? It’s kinda all over the place


She has to know she had zero chance of going to Tokyo. My guess is she expected to be acknowledged more than she was though. But her coach needs to tell her to take that post down.

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Well, Christian isn’t exactly loved after how shit went down in 2016. I’m sure there are coaches who have been cold to him.

But other coaches refusing to speak to Christina doesn’t change the fact that Shilese just doesn’t have to difficulty to contend and her hit rate is low. She fucked up beam so badly she had no flight series on night 2 at nationals. No amount of attention from Tom would have changed that.


I don’t know if she DID know. Every time I’ve seen anything from Gallardo he was talking up how she was totally going to be able to make it to the Olympics. I got the impression that she was with him explicitly because he made those kinds of promises.

I can’t imagine being at that level and not having a realistic idea of where you rank. If anything, Classics and Nationals should have been good indicators for her that she was not going to have a shot at making that team. Even her coach should have known and told her that. It’s a bizarre post.

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Agree that post should be taken down, especially if she wants any international assignments.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

If she has to take down a post expressing her disappointment in feeling overlooked, justified or not, to get another international assignment, it’s further proof that cultural changes haven’t happened. Athletes should be able to say publicly that they don’t like how they were treated. And frankly, if Tom never did touch base with them in the entire process, he isn’t doing his job. He should have been having conversations with every athlete and coach there about what they were doing well, what needs improvement, and honestly letting them know where they stood in terms of selection.


I also wondered if the shenanigans of 2016 was biting him in the ass now (in regards to his relationships with other coaches and staff)

Coaches should be advocating for their athletes, not just teaching them how to swing bars. Christian should have been asking for Tom’s advice and input, and ensuring that she was known as one to watch. Ultimately, I think both Tom and Christian should shoulder some responsibility. I remain unconvinced that attention from Tom would have seen her on the Olympic team. She had a great vault, but was mediocre on other events.


What happened with Christian in 2016?

I wonder if she just feels passed up as an alternate given that there was one less than expected and she was next in line?

Shilese is amazing to watch in person. She is SO dynamic, everything looks huge. I think she has hit her Downie about 1 time this entire year and faceplanted it twice during trials. There’s a clear coaching issue with her. She is going to be a gigantic star in NCAA though.


When Gabby left Chow, she went to train at Buckeye Gymnastics with Kittia Carpenter–Christian was another of her coaches at that gym. At Championships or Trials in 2016, she dropped Kittia as her coach and was coached solely by Christian through the Olympics. He later left Buckeye and started his own gym in Columbus, Future Gymnastics Academy.

There’s more to it than that….there were rumors of a relationship between she and Christian. Now I have no idea if they were true ( I do not know them personally) but who had told me was someone that was pretty close to their circle

Possible over-promising and under-delivering by Christian. And possible shenanigans.


She did finish 10th at trials. The men named 4+1 team members and 5 alternates. The women named 4+1 team members and…4 alternates. I can understand why she might wonder if she received no communication about why they didn’t name a 5th alternate since she would have had a not unreasonable assumption that she could have been in the mix for it.


Jones had been far more in the conversation than Malabuyo for an alternate spot. Throughout this quad she was often somewhere in the top 10, maybe even comfortably? Maybe I’m wrong about that but I’ve always loved Jones’s gymnastics. Her bars in training vids is spectacular. She has fantastic lines, original skills… Is the 1.5-in, front out named after anyone? It is the Jones in my mind