Scoring NCAA routines using FIG rules (for athletes doing both)

Starting with Suni Lee’s beam from earlier this month.

The split jump + Sissone isn’t fulfilling any requirements, so it could be removed or replaced.

What she did:

  • Mount A
  • Spin D adjustment before -1
  • movement low to beam
  • split jump + sissone B + A hard to see in this video
  • switch split (-1?) + switch half (-2 or -3?) C + D + 0.1
  • aerial (-1 feet) + layout layout D + C + R + 0.4
  • gainer tucked full C maybe (-1) for legs apart on landing? no dismount bonus for now


  • the lack of choreo will be an issue, particularly side choreo but she could easily add that in, given that this exercise is barely 50 seconds long!
  • D-score: 2.0 + DBACDDCC + 0.5 = 4.9
  • E-score: With a little added choreo, this is certainly batting around 9.0. there’s so little to deduct when she hits. So maybe 13.9 without additional elements.
  • I would change the split + Sissone to her lovely front aerial + split jump + BHS series for D + B + B + 0.2. That raises the D-score to 5.4 and drops the E-score maybe 1 or 2 to an overall 14.3ish
  • She could add the split Ring jump after the switch half for 0.4 more, but I think that’s a wash, as she could easily lose 0.4 in deductions for rhythm of the connection, balance checks, decreased quality of the switch half, and deductions on the split ring.

A dismount upgrade is also a 0.3 jump in D-score. Not sure what she has in mind. Steingruber’s dismount? Or this??!